Fighting for Your Interests in the Appeals Process

In many cases, court rulings are eligible for review by an appeals court. This means that you may have the option to continue to pursue the optimal outcome to your case, even after an adverse final ruling at the trial level, or in other cases, you must defend a trial victory against your opponent's appeal. At the California law firm of Pavone & Fonner LLP, we are skilled attorneys and experienced in navigating the entire appeals process.

Our skill in appeals comes from our dedication to thorough preparation of each case, whether in the trial stage or appellate stage. We handle many appellate cases every year, and we are well-known for our exceptional skills in written advocacy. You can see an example here of how we draft the motions and documents that symbolize your stature in front of the courts you need to persuade.

What Happens During the Appeals Process?

The appeals process involves review of how a trial judge applied the law in one or several rulings in the original case, in any of the practice areas we litigate, including:

  • Business litigation
  • Corporate litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Civil litigation
  • Personal injury litigation

Depending on the specific jurisdiction, multiple judges may hear an appellate case. These judges will decide, according to an appropriate application of the law, if the ruling was accurate, fair and legal.

One of the most important aspects of the appeals process is the appellate brief. This document will refer to various laws that apply to the individual case to argue that the ruling was correct or incorrect, depending on which side of the appeal you find yourself. During the process, the other party will also have the opportunity to make their case. Precision and accuracy is particularly important in appellate advocacy and represents a vital part of this specific legal process.

Preparation and Diligent Pursuit of Results

Whether it is in trial, negotiations or the appellate process, you can be certain that our lawyers will vigorously defend your interests. We are proud to serve as your legal ally, and you can take advantage of a free initial case evaluation to learn if an appeal is an appropriate course of action. Call our San Diego office at 619-821-9255 or email for an appointment.