Your Ally in Complex Litigation Cases

From injury cases to class action lawsuits, some cases are by nature complex: many injured, moving target problems, multiple forums. The attorneys at Pavone & Fonner LLP have decades of experience navigating these cases. We understand what it takes to fight for good outcomes.

Complex litigation cases often involve multiple parties, multiple jurisdictions and an extensive investigative period. A case that starts out as a commercial litigation matter may branch into probate court, bankruptcy, or require an appeal. If that happens, it's advantageous for you to have an attorney familiar with litigation in many practice areas.

We have successfully litigated mass tort claims, breach of contract cases and other matters big and small. We have recovered millions of dollars in cash and assets for our clients. With success in numerous jury trials and a combined 45 years of legal experience, you can trust the lawyers at our San Diego law firm to provide the professional, experienced and qualified guidance you need.

Diligent Preparation for Difficult Cases

Every case merits our personal attention and high-quality written work. We tailor our strategy and team according to the size, scope and nature of each case, and we are competent to effectively prepare:

  • Class action lawsuits or major claims involving business entities and multiple parties
  • Business lawsuits, including breach of contract claims and similar enforcement actions
  • Complex personal injury claims and/or wrongful death

Our corporate litigation lawyers are also adept at appellate work. Attorney Pavone has litigated about 75 appellate cases, and our firm is renowned for the high quality of our legal work and document preparation. We believe the foundation for a strong case is in the preparation stage, and we will employ our resources, skills and in-depth knowledge of the law for your benefit.

A Tenacious Advocate for Your Interests

We are happy to discuss your business litigation or civil litigation case and inform you of the specific legal options available to you during a free evaluation of your case. Call our California law office at 619-821-9255 or email our office to make your appointment with a member of our team.