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Don't settle with an unreasonable insurance carrier

If you're hurt in a car accident, you'd probably agree that you just want to go to the hospital, get treatment, return home and get back to your normal, everyday life. Most people don't want to go through a lawsuit or even to try to "take everything they can" from the other party.

The majority of people want to get what they're owed, to pay off their medical debt and to cover their financial losses. They won't try to seek more than they should realistically be entitled to. That's why it's such a slap in the face when an insurance company or the at-fault driver refuse to pay what you ask for.

Personal injury litigation could be the right choice for you

When you suffer from a personal injury, litigation may be the only way for you to get what you're owed. Whether you're after a large payout or just want to make sure you're not liable for medical bills when the other party doesn't have insurance, it's important that you know that litigation is an option.

With litigation, the result may be that you go to trial. However, most cases end before a trial ever takes place. In the majority of cases, negotiations occur, and you are able to settle with the insurance company or another party for enough compensation to support your ongoing medical care and to repay you for your losses.

Get the right help when you start a new business

When you're starting a business, one of the things you need to do is to talk to an attorney about your business and the laws that affect it. You'll want to know about environmental laws, intellectual property laws and any others that may impact your course of business.

Since you're new to the world of business law, it's always a good idea to talk to an attorney with experience in this arena. Your attorney will do several things for you, including:

  • Making sure you are compliant with state and federal laws
  • Helping you build strong contracts that protect your business
  • Planning for taxation and the impact on your business
  • Discussing hiring immigrant workers or other workers as employees of your business
  • Getting financing or working with partners

Taking your case to the appellate court

If you have taken your dispute to court, it is likely because you had a great deal at stake. Whether you fought for restitution from a personal injury claim, sought to resolve a dispute within your business or took on a corporation that wronged you in some way, the decision to go to court was not an easy one.

It took tremendous sacrifices of time, money and effort to fight for your rights, which is why a negative outcome is so disappointing. Fortunately, a trial court decision is not always the end of the line. Under certain circumstances, you may have cause to appeal the decision of a judge or jury.

Real-estate disputes: Arbitration or trial?

Real estate disputes can be disruptive, especially if they affect the usability of your home. Your dispute might be over a contract that wasn't fulfilled or information you didn't receive before making a purchase.

In any case, when you have a real estate dispute, one of the things you should consider is whether your contract has an arbitration clause. If it does, then you can take the other party to arbitration to try to resolve your debts.

Personal injury case trials: Get the help you need

When you're hurt as a result of another person's actions, you may want to pursue a personal injury claim. If that claim can't be settled outside court, then you may have to go to trial.

This is where your personal injury attorney can be of major help to you. Perhaps you're unable to go to trial because of the extent of your injuries, or you're not confident in speaking to the jury or judge. Whatever the issue is related to your time in court, your attorney will be able to help prepare you.

What should you do if there is a dispute over an estate?

Probate is a fairly straightforward process of settling an estate. It involves authenticating a decedent's will, appointing an executor, identifying creditors, determining date-of-death values, paying debts and taxes, locating assets and distributing assets. Within each of these steps does lie the possibility of litigation; however, especially if someone contests the will or other aspects of the estate.

What are some common causes of probate litigation?

Yes, a contract is vital for small businesses, too

Since you have a small business, you might not see the importance of creating contracts, especially if you have only one or two people that you work with or rely on. It's usually a good plan, regardless of past successes, to work up a contract whenever you work with someone that could affect your business.

Not all contracts have to be complicated or complex. A contract can be as simple as explaining what you expect to receive and when or the tasks you'll perform and the compensation that you'll receive in return. A contract also usually has sections outlining what happens if you or the other party can't complete the contract as written.

5 injured in 2-vehicle crash in Escondido

Good Samaritans help save lives and make the world a better place. That's certainly the case in this instance where a two-vehicle collision could have resulted in fatal injuries.

According to a story out of Escondido, it was a United States Postal Service carrier who heard a crash at around 4:00 p.m. at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Harding Street. Witnesses there ran to help three people who were in a Ford Ranger, and the mail carrier ran to the other vehicle, a Volkswagen.

Protect your business when there is a breach of contract

Strong contracts are some of the most important tools available to a business. Without contracts, it would be difficult for a California business to work with suppliers, employees and other companies without exposure to legal and financial complications. A contract informs both sides of a business relationship of rights, responsibilities and requirements. 

When the other party fails to meet its end of your contracted terms, this is breach of contract. This can result in financial loss, legal complications and other difficulties for your business. This is much more than just a complication – it's a threat to your company's well-being. There could be certain remedies available to your business if you are experiencing breach of contract matters.

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