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Protect your business when there is a breach of contract

Strong contracts are some of the most important tools available to a business. Without contracts, it would be difficult for a California business to work with suppliers, employees and other companies without exposure to legal and financial complications. A contract informs both sides of a business relationship of rights, responsibilities and requirements. 

When the other party fails to meet its end of your contracted terms, this is breach of contract. This can result in financial loss, legal complications and other difficulties for your business. This is much more than just a complication – it's a threat to your company's well-being. There could be certain remedies available to your business if you are experiencing breach of contract matters.

What can you do about breach of contract?

When you learn one of the parties in a contract will not meet their obligations, it's frustrating. One of the first things you may want to do is see if there is a way that you can enforce the terms of the contract through discussion, mediation or negotiation. There may be a reasonable solution that is satisfactory to both parties, thereby saving you time and money.

It is possible, however, that your situation is not that simple. If you cannot work out a solution outside of court, it may be necessary for you to move forward with specific legal action through a lawsuit against the offending party. Depending on the financial losses you experienced and other details of your individual situation, some of the remedies that may be available to you include: 

  • Damages for your specific financial losses, including compensatory damages, punitive damages and liquidated damages
  • Cancellation and restitution, which means you will cancel the original contract and then sue the other party for restitution that will restore you to where you were before the breach of contract
  • Specific performance, which is when a court legally compels the other party to meet the demands of the original contract

When a breach of contract occurs, it may be beneficial for you to start with a complete assessment of your case in order to learn what remedies may be appropriate for you to seek.

The interests of your business 

Breach of contract matters are serious, and you have the right to seek serious legal guidance to help you resolve them. If you believe your company is facing the threat of financial harm due to contract disputes and enforcement issues, you would be wise not to waste any time in speaking with a lawyer about your concerns.

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