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Get the right help when you start a new business

When you're starting a business, one of the things you need to do is to talk to an attorney about your business and the laws that affect it. You'll want to know about environmental laws, intellectual property laws and any others that may impact your course of business.

Yes, a contract is vital for small businesses, too

Since you have a small business, you might not see the importance of creating contracts, especially if you have only one or two people that you work with or rely on. It's usually a good plan, regardless of past successes, to work up a contract whenever you work with someone that could affect your business.

What do you need to know about commercial law?

Commercial law, which is also known as trade law, is an important sector of law that applies to the way businesses engage in commerce with and treat one another. Commercial law is regulated by the Uniform Commercial Code, better known as the UCC, which is a grouping of laws that dictate the way leases are made, goods are sold and transactions are completed.

Don't use deceptive tactics: They're illegal

As owner of a company in California, you need to be aware of California's laws regarding deceptive trade practices. These practices are explained as making false claims, providing misinformation or other tactics to get the public to buy a service or product despite knowing that the information given is false.

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